About Us

First Generation – Glenn Wilkie

Glenn A. Wilkie, Founder

1959 Newpaper Ad

Wilkie Construction Company was established in the Hickory, NC Metro area in 1959. Glenn A. Wilkie (CEO 1913–1980) and his successors since, have built a rock solid construction business by the belief in:

  • High principles: high standards of quality and job performance
  • Successful management capabilities and ethics.
  • A commitment to deliver a project on time and under budget by providing excellent value for every dollar spent.
  • High personal standards with honesty and fair play. Standards that will never shrink, but are always growing and improving every day makes us successful.
  • Today, these commitments still stand within the next generation.

In the 1970's, Wilkie Construction’s second generation, Dean and Greg Wilkie, entered the company in management positions. With their introduction of modern construction techniques, company growth and market prominence progressed rapidly.

Wilkie quickly became a company noted for bringing high quality to its customers while keeping within the client budgetary demands and fast-track construction needs — especially in the negotiated Design-Builder project area.

As their reputation grew, Wilkie’s client base and market service area expanded throughout the Carolinas and the Southeast. Wilkie gained market recognition in General Construction; Design-Build and CM management of complex large commercial, industrial, health care and institutional projects.

Second Generation – Greg & Debbie Wilkie

Debbie & Greg Wilkie

Greg took over the reins from his father Glenn, Wilkie Construction’s founding CEO. Under Greg’s leadership, the company has expanded exponentially, while still maintaining a high level of business integrity. In the late 1980’s, having outgrown Wilkie’s existing office, plans were made to build a new, larger one. Wilkie Construction became both client and builder. They moved into the new office in the early 1990’s. Greg continues to grow the company his father started from scratch into one that is well-respected throughout the industry. Debbie, Greg’s wife has also become an integral part of Wilkie’s success, taking on a position of both ownership and management.

Third Generation – Joshua Wilkie

Following in his father’s footsteps, just as his father before him, Josh, Greg’s son, represents Wilkie Construction’s future. Currently studying construction management at his father’s alma mater, UNC Charlotte, Josh works for Wilkie during his summers off. He plans to one day take over as a third generation CEO, and lead Wilkie into the next era of success in the construction industry, while continuing to uphold the moral principles his father and grandfather so greatly valued.

The Wilkie Team

Joe Heavner

Chad Heavner

David Gibbons

Lawrence Laws

Debbie King
Corporate Secretary

Trudy Brookshire
Senior Estimator

Lewis Herman
VP of Operations

Sherry Freeman

Dan Howell
Senior Estimator

Kevin Brookshire
Project Manager

Robert Rowe, P.E.
Project Manager

Brandon Harrison
Project Manager/Estimator

David Deal
Project Manager/Estimator